Teachers quit after lap dance scandal

Two Canadian teachers have lost their jobs after they performed a raunchy lap dance in front of high school students – the film of which became an internet sensation.


Chrystie Fitchner and Adeil Ahmed were initially suspended for performing “an inappropriate dance during a school spirit week,” education bosses said. The pair have since quit.

Their lewd performance during a teachers’ “dance-off” competition in the school’s gymnasium was recorded by a student on a mobile phone and later distributed online.

Within days, it had become a hit on video-sharing websites, and Canada’s public broadcaster CBC aired it nationwide.

The clip showed students giggling, gasping and screaming as a male teacher bumps and grinds against a female colleague seated in a chair in the middle of the crowded hall.

The video provoked mixed reactions from “appalling” to “harmless fun” in Canadian online forums.

Teachers ‘crossed the line’

“They so, so crossed the line,” a parent, whose daughter showed her the video, told the Winnipeg Free Press. “It embarrassed me. While we were first watching it, I said, ‘They crossed the line.’ My daughter said, ‘Wait, it gets better.'”

The male teacher also bobbed his head near the female teacher’s genitals in an apparent simulation of oral sex and ground his hips against her crotch.

“The Winnipeg School Division has accepted teacher Chrystie Fitchner’s resignation,” said education authorities.

“The short term contract for Adeil Ahmed has run its course and expired… and will not be renewed.”

“If it were up to me personally, I would fire them both,” Winnipeg School Division trustee Mike Babinsky said when the scandal broke last month.

“Teachers are mentors to our children. This is the kind of stuff I don’t want kids to mimic.”