It pays to be Roode

In the process I “outed” myself as an admirer of the squared circle, asserting that wrestling fans (and everyone else) should never feel the need to defend what they find entertaining.


It was very “Revenge of the Nerds”. But with slightly more boogers.

A few days go by and after logging on to Youtube to see if my latest video could finally crack the “20 views” mark, I pretty much freaked to find more than 20,000 of you had not only watched the interview, but liked what you saw.

The blog itself was one of SBS Online’s most viewed articles that week, prompting a colleague to quip, “I’ll never turn my nose up at wrestling stories again.”

It’s what every journalist aspires to hear one day.

So a huge thank you for your support and feedback, which included requests for “Pop, Cultured” to do more of the same.

So while most of Australia was fixated on Kim Kardashian’s magical mystery tour (“mystery” in the sense that many were asking “Why the hell is this getting so much media coverage?”), I managed to score an interview with another visitor to our shores.

Bobby Roode has been a professional wrestler for 13 years – most of them with Impact Wrestling, the closest competitor to WWE.

His visit came just days after winning the company’s Heavyweight Championship for the first time, in an episode that was screening in the US literally as we spoke.

Just hours before he was to host a seminar to a group of budding wrestlers in Sydney’s west, he arrived at SBS studios with some very precious cargo.

You’ll notice in the video that it caused several people to wander past our set-up more than once just to get a closer look.

Once again, if you’re a little shaky on your wrestling knowledge, click here for a condensed version of the interview…

…but for my fellow die-hards, click here for the director’s cut (aka – the better one).